Ventilation systems for metal buildings

Install air vents in your metal building. Air vents come in four types
and function in different ways. Create the best air flow currents in
your mental building to air circulating.

When planning, designing and pricing your metal building kit there are many accessories you can build into the building design. Among them is ventilation which can be combined with climate control systems such as steel building insulation, heating and air conditioning built into the ceiling.

Important benefits of a ventilation system are reducing condensation build and drawing in fresh air from the exterior which circulates throughout the interior. Air circulation also helps cool the inside of the building. Choose the correct type of ventilation and placement into the building’s walls and roof to produce the most efficient cross ventilation throughout our metal buildings.

ventilation for metal building kits

Turbine vents located on the roof create an up draft lifting air out of the building. The wind outside turns the turbines and creates a vacuum sucking air out of the building. Building uses that produce pollutants in the interior such as paint shops or vehicle storage benefit greatly from having turbine vents installed. In the hot part ion the year turbines vents also remove warm air that rises to the top of the building. Proper spacing is important so our technicians will help you decide how many you would need based on the roof pitch and size and also its interior design.

Ridge vents function like turbine vents but with no moving parts. The pull and vaccuum isn’t like the turbine but it lets air escape from the building and can produce a cross ventilation. Ridge vents are usually spaced about 15’ apart on both sides of the roof peak. Buildings in areas that have strong annual winds are perfect for the ridge vent.

Gravity vents, located on the top of the roof move air out of the building very well. Properly placed, the gravity vent produces good air flow from prevailing winds and thermal buoyancy. Wind flow against the outside of your building produces areas of high and low pressure. The windward end of the building is the high pressure area. The leeward end and the roof are low pressure areas. Vents placed in the high and low pressure ends of the building causes air flow.
Also by placing vents different levels of the building works by allowing hot air to exit out of the top of the building and pull cool air into the lower level.

Wall louvers come in several designs for the sides of your building to prevent rain from entering. Wall louvers produce air flow through the building from the sides.
Talk to our experienced technicians to discuss what type of ventilation to use and how to design the system into your building for maximum air flow.

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