Pre-engineered metal buildings
and garage kits.

Pre-engineered metal building systems are designed, engineered
and manufactured ready to erect upon delivery.

The pre-engineered metal building
Hurricane Steel Buildings® pre-engineered metal buildings for sale are a building kit system that is designed, engineered, welded and manufactured for you at our factory. The entire building is delivered to your site location ready to be erected. The provided hardware is used to bolt together all the components. Depending on the size of the building cranes and other equipment may be needed. Everything is prefabricated and pre-engineered for you. This includes the openings for windows, doors and vents etc..

Pre-engineered building systems can come in many sizes from economical metal garage kit projects to large industrial complexes for manufacturing, retail malls, stores and sports arenas. The Rigid frame clear span design allows you to have vast space without the need for a taller roof and waste of materials. The entire way the system is engineered provides you with the flexibility to shape and customize your building according to your needs.

Pre-engineered building's clear span design means that the inside of the building has no beams or support structures impeding the interior space. This gives you 100% use of the area inside the pre-engineered building. With a pre-engineered metal building system you can customize the specifications such as width, height, length, gauge steel used and accessories built into your structure.

The most important feature of a pre-engineered rigid-frame metal building is the steel backbone of red iron I-beam main frames. Each frame has two columns welded to a rafter (one rigid frame) that runs laterally to each side of the building. Spaced between the two endwalls, the main frames take on the majority of the building’s load. The roof and walls are sturdy metal cladding that comes in 28" to 40" wide and that range from 20 - 26 gauge steel although custom thicknesses can be manufactured.

Advantages of Pre-engineered metal buildings
Pre-engineered metal buildings are building kits that are custom engineered to your specifications and purpose of use and are ready to easily erect on-site upon delivery, usually on top of a concrete slab. Pre-engineered steel buildings are more cost efficient than traditional wood structures and are far more stable with the ability to withstand high wind velocity and snow loads - see metal building certifications.

Pre-engineered metal building systems do not warp decay or rot and are manufactured without flaws that would compromise the strength of the building. Steel also doesn’t retain moisture so your building will not be subject to mold or mildew which also reduces infestations and the need for pest control.

The pre-engineered metal building paint lasts decades longer than traditional wood paint. AkzoNobel Ceram-A-Star® 1050 coating system metal building paint which is top manufacture of synthetic resins, and paint finishes is used on all pre-engineered metal building systems.

The straight wall I beam rigid frame design is the most popular of pre-engineered metal buildings because it is an attractive design, is flexible to customize and is amazingly strong and long lasting.

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