Hurricane Steel Buildings® turnkey solutions

Hurricane Steel Buildings® provides turnkey solutions for client metal
building projects from planning to building site construction.

turnkey services

Hurricane Steel Buildings® employs metal building engineers and technicians that can assist you in every phase of your construction project. We also have solid relationships with reputable contractors across the globe that have been screened by us and approved as a Hurricane Steel Buildings® authorized contractor. We can assist you with permitting, building codes, land surveys and foundation pours.

Once you have purchased your metal building kit and its in the manufacturing stage we will begin helping you in establishing a timeline for the entire construction process. This includes obtaining the building permits, hiring subcontractors and construction crews obtaining your local building codes, land surveys of the geography to assure you metal building is built properly and without any issues once it is erected.

Hurricane Steel Buildings® also has a complete file of supply vendors for all types of products and equipment for your building’s interior. We also offer environmentally friendly solutions to incorporate green technologies and building materials into your planning to save on energy and lessen your carbon footprint. One example is solar panels which can easily be attached to your roof.

Our turnkey services we offer our clients:

  • Electricians
  • Plumbing Specialists
  • Irrigation
  • Permits
  • Land Surveying
  • Workshop building supplies
  • Solar Panel installers and equipment
  • Building Planning
  • Metal Building Site Construction
  • Masonry
  • Concrete and Paving
  • Agriculture supplies and equipment
  • Aviation equipment and supplies
  • Auto body building supplies and equipment
  • Farming equipment and building supples
  • Equestrian equipment, building supplies, and stables
  • Commercial building equipment and supplies
  • Warehouse building equipment and supplies
  • Commercial Mechanical systems

When designing your building its important to review your local building codes to make sure we manufacture your building with the correct gauge steel and components to pass your building inspections. Often this is not an issue as our buildings are already approved for the harshest geographical weather conditions. We will also help you coordinate with your local city building dept. to obtain the special permits needed to begin the construction and to pass each phase of permit approval.

Pouring a foundation is the first step in the construction of the building. We want to assure your monolithic slab will sustain frost lines and that it is poured without flaw to sustain harsh freezing weather or low lying areas where water or flooding can impact the building.

Metal building kits are easy to erect with the assistance of cranes, pulleys and scaffolding. But larger steel buildings that are hundreds of feet wide could use subcontractors that specialize in erecting metal building kits. Because they have the experience of erecting many metal buildings, they won’t need to research and get help with the process.

Utilizing our turnkey solutions can remove your risk of personal injury or liability for mistakes in the construction process. It also eliminates the need to correct mistakes and the cost associated with it. Talk to us about any assistance you will need and let is guide you through the process so the burden is off of you and we can make sure the entire process is performed correctly and you have the security in knowing your metal building was constructed properly.

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