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The metal building kit (see history and description of the metal building here) is popular across all types of businesses, recreational and sports teams to rural land owners and residents. Homeowners use metal building kits as an extra garage, workshop or storage building. Business owners have purchased a metal building for malls, warehouses, agriculture, storage facilities, hangars, fulfillment centers, and manufacturing facilities.

Why buy a metal building?

The metal building kit provides a long lasting, durable economical building superior to a wood framed structure. Metal buildings that have a rigid I beam construction or a quonset type steel design are also superior to other types of metal building kits in that they are are much stronger with 20 - 28 gauge steel cladding, have red iron solid steel beams and framing, or in the case of an arched system have 14 - 22 gauge AZ Galvalume® 80,000ksi tensile yield carbon Galvalume steel coated with aluminum-zinc alloy. All of which provides maximum security as pre-engineered metal building systems are built to withstand hurricane force winds, heavy loads and the most severe weather imaginable (see more about our metal buildings for sale here) the structure, exterior and paint are made to last decades virtually maintenance free.

  • Low cost vs. traditional buildings
  • Virtually maintenance free for decades
  • Solid steel framing - no rot, decay or pests
  • Pre-engineered and ready to erect
  • Easy to construct
  • Withstands more wind force, snow load and ground shifting
  • Specialized Metal paint lasts decades
  • Clear span design for 100% useable interior
  • Higher security with solid steel doors and walls
  • Wide range of sizes from 100’s of feet to 20’
  • Customizable end walls and entrances
  • Insulated panels for better climate control
  • Energy Star Approved
  • The most structurally sound metal building kit on the market

Metal buildings are very versatile in usage and dimensions such as length, width, height and roof pitch. Choose from 100’s of feet wide and deep and up to 40 feet high because the pre-engineered metal building system allows you to add more main frame beams and components to add length and larger ones for your desired width. You can adjust the roof pitch and also the end wall design with overhead awnings or roofing.

The cost of the base structure is often $7.00 to $12.00 a square foot not including the concrete slab. The additional features and accessories your building has for example ventilation, insulated metal building panels, windows, overhead doors and walk through doors, and skylights add to the price of a metal building but the cost is almost always less than any other traditional structure.

Building code inspections are easier to deal with vs. a wood frame building inspections. Building inspectors and permit approvals go quicker because authorities know how superior the metal building is to traditional wood frame buildings. If you price a metal building kit you will find that Hurricane Steel Buildings® prices are among the lowest and you have our Low Price Guarantee that you will always pay less when you purchase a metal building kit with us.

Concrete slabs or floating slabs, monolithic slabs are poured specifically for your geography, building size and weight, frost lines, irrigation and other factors. Your metal building lit frame is bolted down to the cement foundation for a secure permanent building.

You can choose from a variety of seventeen different metal building colors and hundreds of color combinations. You can choose the color of your roof, walls, wainscot, and trim and see what your building looks like using our interactive metal building color viewer or ask us about our custom color selections. The paint and synthetic resins formulated for our metal buildings is the most innovative silicone protected polyester technology available in the market today. The paint ( Energy Star Approved) acts as a thermal barrier because it reflects up to 70% of the sun’s rays keeping the metal building interior cooler and more energy efficient.

When designing your building you can customize it with several types of slide windows or insulated slide windows from 2’ - 6’ high and wide and glass doors for a retail entrance. Walk through doors can be added to the end walls and sides of the building and come in 3'x7' 3070/single leaf to 6’x7' 6070/single leaf insulated walk through doors. Main entrances for vehicles can utilize overhead doors that come in roll up, sections, bi-fold and slide doors.

Sectional doors are horizontal sections hinged together and electronically operated like your home garage door. Metal Roll up doors are constructed with the same mechanical design but sectional doors have more smaller horizontal sections and far more rugged coming in at 18 - 20 gauge galvanized steel. Bi-fold doors have two panels hinged at the top and provides a large opening for large vehicles and planes. Sliding doors, often used for horse barns are quiet and manually operated.

Ventilation for the steel building is built into the walls and roof creating an effective flow of circulation throughout the building keeping the interior fresh. Select from ridge vents, turbine vents, gravity vents and wall louvers.

A pre-engineered metal building system is all manufactured for you in sections and components so when it arrives at you construction site all you have to do it connect the parts and erect the building using scaffolding, a small crane and no special tools are needed. After you purchase your metal building kit and have it delivered Hurricane Steel Buildings® offers our turnkey construction services so our customers don’t have to do the hard work and planning. Our experienced metal building construction crew can plan the entire project, pour your slab, get permits and inspection approvals so you won’t have to worry about the quality of the construction.

The interior is a clear span building with 100% usable interior space. With insulated panels your building’s interior environment is comfortable and free of condensation or pests. You can add climate control for areas that have severe cold or heat. The steel structure is adaptable to any kind of interior infrastructure you need to put into place. Add machinery, shelving, rafters, customized interior design and function applications for your business operation.

The best type of insulation is ordering your building with insulated panels or cladding. The cost is a bit more than roll insulation but it is made especially for metal buildings so it looks much nicer, fits tight against the steel walls and ceiling and is more effective with a higher "R" rating.

When you make the decision to order a metal building the planning that goes into choosing the right building, size, accessories, functionality, colors, gauge steel, and structural features. We are here from Monday - Saturday to assist you in your planning and pricing. We have a full staff of consultants, engineers, and technicians that form a support team to make sure your building is designed and priced right. Our low price guarantee assures that when you shop with us you will get the best price available nationwide.

To get a fairly accurate price on the cost of your building you can use our online metal building price calculator. Get an instant price on the base building cost, with windows, doors, skylights, insulation and color choices. You can see if your building is on sale or discounted by using our discount price calculator by matching your specifications up with what we have on sale.

We have distribution locations and offices throughout the United States. Visit our Hurricane Steel Buildings® locations page and select your state for manufacturing, delivery and construction in all 50 states.Where to buy metal buildings has never been a factor as we provide our services worldwide. Each location has its own building codes, permitting, climate consideration and turnkey construction crews ready to assist you. Check out your state and get detailed information on ordering and building a metal building kit.

You can pay online for your deposit or balance using our secure online merchant processing center. Go to Make a payment page and enter your invoice or job number.

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